InnovA Technologies

Who is InnovA Technologies?InnovA Technologies streamlines the auction industry’s business models by consolidating their business sales and management into a single platform. InnovA helps their customers save time and money with their aggregated platform to keep buyers and sellers on an auction company’s website. 

Equify Financial, LLC

Equify Financial, LLC provides businesses with a long-term partnership in the equipment financing industry. With over a century of combined experience in equipment financing, Equify Financial is the perfect company for those looking to expand their business operations with the help of a trusted partner that combines local neighborhood services with a nationwide reach. 

Best Price Homebuyers

Who is Best Price Homebuyers?Brice Price Homebuyers is a local company in the Omaha, Neb. metropolitan area that purchases single and multi-family residential homes in any condition, as is, for cash. Whether you need to move suddenly, relocate to a new city, sell the home you inherited, have gone through a divorce, or any other reason for needing to sell your home, Best Price Homebuyers will purchase your house. 

Midwest Sedation Consultants

Who is Midwest Sedation Consultants?Midwest Sedation Consultants provides minimal sedation courses for dental professionals to ensure they are able to provide the best sedation for their patients based on each state’s requirements. Midwest Sedation Consultants currently provide certification and recertification courses in the following states: Nebraska, Oregon, West Virginia, Texas, Kansas, North Dakota, North Carolina and Tennessee. 

Thrift World Ebay Integration

Monstrous Media Group Monstrous Media Group is happy to continue to work with Thrift World on their Ebay integration that works with Facebook, Instagram and seamlessly on their website! This on-going process has been extremely successful for Thrift World to continue to sell their products and services online during this pandemic. 

Active Hearing Health

Who is Active Hearing Health? Active Hearing Health is a locally owned business in Omaha, Neb. that specializes in a range of services from hearing consultation to repairs on hearing aids and other technology that is used to help your loved ones and family members. 


Who is VitalSigns? VitalSigns is a full service sign company located in Omaha, Neb., with over 30 years of industry knowledge and experience. From the beginning of the project, to the design and installation of the signage and the maintenance of the signage, VitalSigns is there for your business for years to come. 

Outlook Nebraska to Outlook Enrichment

Who is Outlook Enrichment? Outlook Enrichment’s mission is to create opportunities for people living with vision loss to achieve personal and professional growth in an inclusive community. Outlook Enrichment, is a new nonprofit organization located in Omaha, Nebraska. Outlook Enrichment was formed to provide focused leadership of the technology training, recreation and cultural programs started by Outlook Nebraska. 


Who is Abide? Abide, also known as Abide Omaha, has been an integral part of the Omaha, Neb. community for over 30 years. Abide is building a culture for stronger families, neighborhoods and leadership within the inner city. 

The Catalyst Group

Who is The Catalyst Group? The Catalyst Group (TCG) provides small companies, businesses and business partners the opportunity to continue to grow their business with operational growth experience which provides a long-term win-win business strategy and financial solutions to help these companies and individuals’ succeed now and in the future. 

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