Best Price Homebuyers

Who is Best Price Homebuyers?

Brice Price Homebuyers is a local company in the Omaha, Neb. metropolitan area that purchases single and multi-family residential homes in any condition, as is, for cash. Whether you need to move suddenly, relocate to a new city, sell the home you inherited, have gone through a divorce, or any other reason for needing to sell your home, Best Price Homebuyers will purchase your house. 

How does selling your home for cash work exactly? Selling your home for cash means that no matter the circumstances or condition of the property, the buyer will purchase it with cash. There is no need for realtor fees, spending the time to put it on the market, money to make expensive repairs, and the hassle of going through a real estate agent and company. 

Sell your home with fewer worries and work with a local company in the process. Monstrous Media Group is proud of the work that was and continues to be done for this client. 

What did the Monsters do?

To start, our monsters designed a brand new, custom logo for Best Price Homebuyers. After the logo was honed in and loved by the client, we moved on to the website design. The graphic design team at Monstrous Media Group created a website with simple navigation and ensured the site is easy to read. The minimalistic design allows users to find the information that is most important to them.

Once the design was approved, our Monsters coded it and built the site on ExpressionEngine 6 (one of our first EE6 sites!). The site was built with fluid content modules to allow dynamic, custom layouts for each page. The site has a blog, how it works guides with steps, a Free Appraisal form, a contact form, and easy-to-locate contact information.

Continued efforts 

Monstrous Media Group is happy to continue to work with Best Price Homebuyers on their digital marketing efforts. Our team is working on Best Price Homebuyers’ social media presence to grow brand awareness while working on technical on-page and off-page SEO strategies to grow their website in search engines. 

We are so happy to continue working with Best Price Homebuyers’ online presence! Check out our work here! 

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