Thrift World Ebay Integration

Monstrous Media Group is happy to continue to work with Thrift World on their Ebay integration that works with Facebook, Instagram and seamlessly on their website! This on-going process has been extremely successful for Thrift World to continue to sell their products and services online during this pandemic. 

What did the Monsters do? 

When the COVID-19 Pandemic hit and businesses were temporarily closing their doors, Thrift World asked us to help them set up an online store and to integrate it with Ebay, Facebook and Instagram.

Thrift World’s inventory is unique from a lot of other online stores that we set up, in that almost all of their inventory is singular with little chance of getting more “in stock”. Our Monsters had to think outside of the box on this project, and this is always great to learn new things! 

Our Monsters generate reports based off of templates for each client with a store, but since Thrift World’s inventory was never “back in stock”, we create custom reporting to fit their needs. These reports included, but are not limited to, custom inventory alerts and store sorting, and a build out of category structure and integrated large-scale sales across many items very quickly.

We also set up custom shipping options and worked with them to create an order completion flow. This allows them to automate emails based on certain events to better and more easily communicate with their customers. Shipping options include everything from FedEx and USPS, to pick up options and free local delivery.

We then created a script to sync the inventory with Facebook and Instagram. This allows for users on those platforms to come across those items in the Shop on Thrift World’s profile pages and then be brought to the website for purchase.

Finally, we also created a syncing script with Ebay to put all of their products up for purchase on that platform. The script allows us to automatically sync available inventory, so if the item is purchased on Ebay, it will no longer show on the site, and vice versa. This is where another custom report was needed to provide error alerts to manage any syncing or missing information errors that might occur during the process.

This process and project is ongoing. Currently our website development team is working on additional changes and features to this project that will further improve both the customer experience and Thrift World’s ability to fulfill orders easily!

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