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Smart GEN Society Omaha

Who Is Smart GEN Society?Smart GEN Society (SGS) is an approved 501(c)(3) non-profit in the Omaha area. The world of social media can be a difficult and scary one to navigate through- this is why SGS is needed. SGS aims to educate teens, parents, and educators about the dangers of social media and how to correctly use these social media platforms.

On My Feet Mobile App

Who Is On My Feet?On My Feet (OMF) is a company passionate about footwear! The perfect day, the best night of your life, and the job interview you nailed all have one thing in common, the perfect shoes. OMF knows that footwear can connect people through a common interest.

Smart GEN Society

Who Is Smart GEN Society?Smart GEN Society is an approved 501(c)(3) non-profit in the Omaha area. The goal at Smart GEN Society, (SGS), is to use educational workshops, civic outreach programs, and technology and social media research with parents and educators and girls about authenticity on social media and in real life. SGS aims to educate parents and teens about safety on social media applications and public websites. Furthermore, SGS stresses the importance of girls working on their Personal Brand Development when it comes to their education and healthy social skills.

Project Storytell

April 17, 2017 - Project Storytell was originally brought into the Monstrous Media Group (MMG) offices as a sketched-out idea on paper. The Monsters at MMG took those pieces and turned them into a fully-formed responsive website and mobile app. Project Storytell is now a unique communal storytelling application with customizable rules and scenarios. All stories are archived for participants and non-participants to read.

Victory Fighting Championships v3

The new website not only gives VFC a spanking new brand to match their amazing performance offerings it comes with a heap of new features including online ticket ordering, direct tie into UFC Fight Pass, marketing automation newsletter and ecommerce management and an entire bag full of amazing and useful content management, marketing and business operation improvement solutions.

Trego Dugan Intranet Portal

Trego Dugan Aviation of Grand Island, Inc. (TDA-GI) started its airline ground handling division in 2008 when the Grand Island Airport Authority requested that it bid a handling  contract for Allegiant Air flights from Grand Island, Nebraska to Las Vegas. TDA-GI was new to this area of aviation but was the successful bidder. TDA-GI truly enjoyed this new venture and advised Allegiant Air that it was interested in performing such service at other airports.And then the ride began...

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