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Active Hearing Health

Who is Active Hearing Health? 

Active Hearing Health is a locally owned business in Omaha, Neb. that specializes in a range of services from hearing consultation to repairs on hearing aids and other technology that is used to help your loved ones and family members. 

Since 2003, Active Hearing Health has been providing exceptional services and care! Their audiologist, Dr. Nikki Kopetzky, Au.D., CCC-A, F-AAA, is a local Nebraskan who prides herself on providing the greater Omaha area with diagnosis and treatment of patients of all ages from children and teenagers to seniors. 

It is estimated that 48 million Americans are suffering from a hearing loss or decreased in their overall hearing abilities, and Active Hearing Health is a local company that cares about your needs. Skip the big name stores and find personalized care with a simple switch. 

Monstrous Media Group is proud to announce the launch of Active Hearing Health’s new website, in addition to on-going strategies, here is what our Monsters did! 

What did the Monsters do? 

Active Hearing Health came to Monstrous Media Groups’ design and development experts with their branding in place, but wanted to showcase a new website for their stand alone business. 

The goal was to create a website that is clean, representative to their branding and mission, while making sure each service was highlighted. 

Our design experts provided Active Hearing Health with a clean and modern design that is mobile friendly and completely updated! 

This design had several aspects from the service page designs to the contact us forms! The Acting Hearing Health team was very involved, which our Monsters love, and we were able to provide exactly what they were searching for with their new website! 

The new website is built on the super-secure ExpressionEngine CMS platform, which allows for easy content updates. Users have the ability to schedule appointments directly through the site. Reviews are integrated into the site, as well, so users can read honest opinions from Active Hearing Health’s clients. The entire site is searchable, so users are able to find the information they need quickly. We also added a blog to help maintain engagement with the clients. 

Ongoing strategies from Monstrous Media Group! 

Not only did our Monsters provide a brand new website, but we will be working with Active Hearing Health on their digital marketing strategies. 

Our Digital Marketing Strategists will be working on an on-page and off-page SEO strategy that provides weekly optimized blog content, backlinking and so much more. On the other side of the digital marketing fence, our experts will be working with Active Hearing Health on a social media marketing strategy that is customized to their audience. 

It has been a pleasure working with this team thus far, and we cannot wait to continue to grow with them in the future. Check out our work here!

Active Hearing Health


Who is VitalSigns? 

VitalSigns is a full service sign company located in Omaha, Neb., with over 30 years of industry knowledge and experience. From the beginning of the project, to the design and installation of the signage and the maintenance of the signage, VitalSigns is there for your business for years to come. 

Around the Omaha and Council Bluffs area, you have probably noticed hundreds of the signs that our team of experts has designed and installed throughout the last 30 years! A sign is an essential part of a business, and we are proud to help businesses showcase their uniqueness and branding efforts through signage. 

What did the Monsters do? 

Monstrous Media Group (MMG) is happy to announce the launch of this redesign and development project. VitalSigns came to MMG searching for a website that educated consumers about the importance of their business signage and VitalSigns is the place for all of their signage needs. 

The VitalSigns team wanted to unify their branding from their website to social and everything else in-between. Their new custom website design is now able to showcase the vast amount of work and expertise that their company can offer to the city. 

The website redesign and development completely transformed VitalSigns digital footprint and brought them into the 21st Century with an optimized, mobile friendly website that has plenty of videos and images to showcase their work. 

The website provides consumers with the ability to preview and educate themselves on the vast amount of information and options that are available to them, and at the same time, provides them the ability to get free quotes and estimates for their projects. 

Our developers were able to provide the ability to filter out what kind of signs you are looking for according to the categories given. This is done with a search plugin to select and categorize the sign types and sign examples to ensure the proper categorization is in place. 

Continued efforts 

Monstrous Media Group continues to work with VitalSigns through their digital marketing strategies. When it comes to the SEO side of digital marketing, Monstrous Media Group is providing an on-page and off-page SEO strategy for VitalSigns which includes weekly blogging content and backlinking strategies as well. 

On the other side of the digital marketing aspect, our team is working on social media marketing efforts to continue to provide cohesive branding and keep VitalSigns up-to-date with consumers needs and wants! 

We are excited to help VitalSigns continue to grow for years to come.


Outlook Nebraska to Outlook Enrichment

Who is Outlook Enrichment

Outlook Enrichment’s mission is to create opportunities for people living with vision loss to achieve personal and professional growth in an inclusive community. Outlook Enrichment, is a new nonprofit organization located in Omaha, Nebraska. Outlook Enrichment was formed to provide focused leadership of the technology training, recreation and cultural programs started by Outlook Nebraska

What did the Monsters do?

Monstrous Media Group (MMG) created a design for Outlook Enrichment that is easy to use for both sighted individuals and those with vision loss. The design includes high contrasting colors, which helps users with low vision to read the site with ease. The MMG Monsters also added a resize font feature, allowing the user to increase or reduce the size of the font as needed, these settings will stay with the user as they navigate from page to page. 

The website went through several rounds of rigorous testing to ensure that those with vision impairments are able to access information about the programs, events and communications by Outlook Enrichment. 

The monsters didn’t stop there, our work with Outlook Enrichment will continue through on-going SEO strategies and weekly social media marketing. 

Continued efforts 

MMG continues to work with Outlook Enrichment on their digital marketing strategies with on-page and off-page optimization of their new website! Our team of Digital Marketing Strategists continues to oversee Outlook Enrichment social media marketing efforts with their dedicated team! 

As Outlook continues to grow as a nonprofit, Monstrous Media Group is happy to partner with them! We are excited to see what the future holds for Outlook Enrichment! 

Outlook Nebraska to Outlook Enrichment

Omaha Happy Hours

What is Omaha Happy Hours

For anyone who loves a great deal, trying out new restaurants and love happy hours, Omaha Happy Hours is the website you need! The creator of Omaha Happy Hours, Paul Cox, started it in 2011 with the goal of becoming the local resource and expert in all things happy hour in Omaha! 

Fast forward and Omaha Happy Hours is helping Omaha restaurant goers and foodies find the best deals and experiences from wine bars to high-end modern steakhouses! 

What did the Monsters do? 

First up, Monstrous Media Group’s website designers started working on the brand new website design! With our stomach hungry and longing for that happy hour mark, our designers enjoyed this project and working closely with Cox! The new website design provides happy hour goers with a sleek, modern design that easily showcases the entire purposes behind the website! 

As for the development side of this project,  we are using Google Maps APIs for the location services. This means that users can select any restaurant from the listings or from the maps and it will navigate them there! 

Each category of cuisines has the ability to be filtered to find their exact craving! When users register and create an account, their history of orders previously will show within their account. MMG designed a beautiful header that has the filters for locations, food items you are looking for and dining options as well which makes the user accessibility very efficient.

To allow restaurant owners and managers the ability to keep their profiles up to date, MMG created a portal that allows them to do just that! Each individual restaurant is able to login to the portal and update their happy hour specials, overall menu and images. This ensures that the Happy Hours site is always up to date with the latest information.

MMG is hungry and we hope you stay hungry as well with this website! 

Omaha Happy Hours


Who is Abide

Abide, also known as Abide Omaha, has been an integral part of the Omaha, Neb. community for over 30 years. Abide is building a culture for stronger families, neighborhoods and leadership within the inner city. 

In 1989, Ron and Tawny Dotzler started Abide with one mission in mind - to revitalize North Omaha. Through-out the years, Abide has been able to provide families, their children and the community with safe spaces and programming from sports to internships for students! 

In 2007 Abide adopted their Lighthouse Program. A Lighthouse is a beacon of hope for ships who are looking to dock for the night, and this program strives to mimic that hope. Every lighthouse in the span of North Omaha’s 700 blocks provides an outlet for the community to showcase the possibilities that are already available within their own neighborhoods.

Since 2007, Abide has continued to enhance their programming and campus to help revitalize the inner city one inspiring story and mentor at a time! 

As a faith-based creative management firm, the Abide mission is one that our Monsters align with and love to support with their social media marketing efforts. 

Continued effort 

Monstrous Media Group (MMG) is proud to help Abide with their social media marketing strategy. Abide came to MMG after their successful rebranding project searching to distinguish themselves from other nonprofits in the area. 

MMG currently handles all social media marketing for Abide on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter. The overall strategy is to share real-life experiences, stories and highlight the need for each different program that is offered through Abide. 

We are proud to continue to work with Abide and cannot wait to see the success that this partnership will bring to the table. 


Fort Atkinson

Who is Friends of Fort Atkinson (FOFA)? 

Friends of Fort Atkinson is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization in Fort Calhoun, Nebraska, who celebrates the historical preservation of Fort Atkinson at the historical state park. In 1961, Fort Atkinson was founded with the help of the Nebraska Historical Society and Nebraska State Parks. In 1994, FOFA was founded and incorporated in 1995! 

Fort Atkinson is a monumental part of Nebraska’s state history, being the very first military base and post for active military members, their families, schooling and starting the livestock and agriculture operations in our state. 

FOFA works to maintain the existing structures, build additional ones if needed, and create a true living history exhibit with period-correct materials and items (uniforms, cookware, furnishings, tools, cannons, muskets, etc.). Through the efforts of living-history volunteers under the direction of the FOFA, the fort comes alive with a lot to offer visitors every single summer! 

Monstrous Media Group (MMG) was honored to help this historical state park in our state with their website redesign! 

What did the Monsters do? 

The FOFA was searching for a new, modern website that showcased its history while providing its history buffs with the latest events and allows for mobile users to view the website easily. 

MMG was able to design a modern, responsive website which provided this and showcased all photography that captures what Fort Atkinson is all about!  

The team was searching for the ability to update their content and its layout seamlessly which allows for their visitors to find important information regarding the Fort’s hours, events, blogs and other website content in a simple click. Not only does the website allow for content management to be a breeze, but donors and volunteers can easily find their needed information. All donors can make a simple donation with SquareStore integrations that we developed into the website and keeps their accounts secure. 

MMG developed this modern, sleek website on ExpressionEngine5 which is one of the newest updates from ExpressionEngine (EE). This ensures that all donors and volunteers’ information is secure; on the other hand, this allows for the team to manage their content, schedules, images, historical documents quickly and easily change the layout on the front end of the website! 

Our Monsters provided all guests with a seamless experience to find, navigate and donate to the FOFA to continue to preserve this historical site in our state! 

Fort Atkinson

The Catalyst Group

Who is The Catalyst Group? 

The Catalyst Group (TCG) provides small companies, businesses and business partners the opportunity to continue to grow their business with operational growth experience which provides a long-term win-win business strategy and financial solutions to help these companies and individuals’ succeed now and in the future. 

TCG also provides clients with the opportunity to develop their overall business strategies, planning and investing opportunities with a proven track record of helping over 100 companies in the last 30 years. 

TCG is located in Houston, Texas, with locations in all major metropolitan cities in Texas with locations in California and Louisiana! 

What makes TCG different from their competitors? TCG is focused on the long-term strategy that helps companies or successful business owners re-start their opportunities with a unique strategic approach to raising capital, personal investing and non-traditional strategies that provide operational growth for the long-term. 

What did the Monsters do? 

TCG came to the Monstrous Media Group with their branding in place, but searching for a new responsive updated website! The Monsters put on their suits and ties for this project to get into the business mindset! TCG was searching for a sleek, modern design that elevated them against traditional private equity firms in their industry. This provided the team with a strategic advantage over others. 

With this in mind, TCG wanted to make sure that the website design was functional for their potential and current clients that provided the human factor to their business. A number of the design elements set in place by our graphic designers were dedicated to showcasing the human factor to their potential and current clients with small, but perfect touches. 

The overall branding and colors of the website are minimalistic, clean and simple. Our Monsters decided that light grey, green and white elements on the website would overall fit their branding strategy already in place. 

Our Monsters are proud of the entire website design, but one section of the website should be noted. The Portfolio section on the homepage of the website showcases the various fields and industries that TCG works with and provides honest opinions from their clients. This is the perfect example of User-Generated Content coordinating with website design! 

When it comes to the website development side of the website, this website was developed on ExpressionEngine 5.3 with fluid field options. This allows clients to easily manage and change their content with simply moving fields on the backend! 

One of the favorite features from our programmers is the parallax image on the homepage which provides a dimensional feel to the website! 

Continued efforts! 

Monstrous Media Group’s Monsters aren’t stopping there! Our Digital Marketing Strategists and SEO experts are working on a curated Social Media Marketing strategy that elevates TCG above the competition with strategically crafted blogging content with SEO strategies in place! 

We are excited to continue to help The Catalyst Group grow in the future! As TCG would say this is a “win-win situation” for everyone! 

The Catalyst Group

Thrift World Ecommerce

COVID-19 is changing the way companies across the globe are doing business. With the coronavirus shutting companies down, there was an immediate need for ThriftWorld to get their inventory online and purchasable. 

Thrift World has been a client of Monstrous Media Group for several years so when they reached out needing help, we knew exactly what to do! 

We integrated our preferred e-Commerce platform into their existing website within a matter of days. Users can now view inventory and sort it by its physical location. They can purchase the items through the website and set up home delivery or store pickup. Users are also able to create accounts to view their order history. 

Monstrous Results

On the first day that the new e-Commerce store was launched, Thrift World had four purchases on the site! They continued to see increased traffic on their site, with a 60 percent increase in the week following the store launch. Talk about staying fluid in an ever-changing environment! 

In addition to e-Commerce into the new ThriftWorld Marketplace, we are now building out API integration with third-party other marketplaces like eBay, Facebook, Upthred and others, seamlessly bringing ThriftWorld’s products into new customer bases. 

We love ThriftWorld and you will too. Check out their site below. 

Thrift World Ecommerce

Indian Creek Golf

Who is Indian Creek?

The temperatures are warming up and we might all be in need of some sunshine! Indian Creek Golf course is giving us 27 reasons to call in and play hooky! This golf course and wedding venue is located in Elkhorn, near 202nd and Maple. Once you open up their homepage, you’ll see why we’re considering calling in, their course is stunning! 

Indian Creek came to Monstrous Media Group with an older website that was definitely in need of a fresh coat of paint. 

What did the Monsters do?

The Monsters made a plan to create a consistent brand for both the Golf site and Club site. Both portions of the company offer very different services at the same beautiful location. 

Following a quick custom design process, our development team was ready to code! 

Utilizing our preferred content management system, ExpressionEngine, we were able to develop both sites onto a single CMS. This allows Indian Creek staff members to go in and maintain both of the websites in a single location. 

So, what will you find on the new Indian Creek Golf Site?! 

First things first, users are greeted by a gorgeous flyover video of the course. MMG monsters captured and edited this footage for the new site. 

The new website is mobile-responsive allowing users to book tee times or apply for a job with the new careers application form from their desktop or phone. 

The Course section has been updated to include tee yardages, handicaps, pars and flyover videos for each of the 27 holes on the course. The new Events section makes finding info and registration forms easier.

Is your company’s website in need of an update? Contact us today for a free consultation to get your custom website started today!

Indian Creek Golf

Vincentini Plumbing Update

Who is Vincentini Plumbing

Established in 1982, Vincentini Plumbing is a mechanical contracting company specializing in plumbing for multi-million dollar hospitals and clinics. The company was started by Pete Vincentini and built on a foundation of quality workmanship, timely delivery and competitive pricing.

 In 2016, Pete’s son, John, took over the company and has been leading the charge into the new decade, while maintaining the core company values established by his father. Vinventini plumbing also places great importance on teaching the value of the plumbing trade to young people and supporting the growth of the next generation of highly-skilled tradesmen.

What did the Monsters do? 

Vincentini Plumbing originally came to Monstrous Media Group for help with redesigning an old website of theirs. This website was very basic and was a bit behind the times in terms of functionality and design. 

Vincentini Plumbing wanted to bring the website in line with current design trends and add new features, but also wanted to keep the content on site limited to the basics. Monstrous Media Group designed a responsive, one page website that showcased the services offered by Vincentini Plumbing as well as their past projects.

 Soon enough, Vincentini Plumbing outgrew the one page website and returned to Monstrous Media Group to translate it into a multipage website with more content and features.

On the new website, Monstrous Media Group took the existing aesthetic and applied it to new subpage designs and elements.

We also set the new website up on ExpressionEngine 5, which allowed for the creation of fluid fields and the ability to create pages dynamically on the fly. New fields were added such as; a photo gallery, team member profiles, rotating header images and career application forms

In addition to designing the one page and multipage websites, Monstrous Media Group also developed the Vincentini Employee Portal. Employees are able to login to the portal through a link on the website.

The portal is a place where employees upload and track their hours. When hours are entered into the system, the number of hours worked, location of work and time frame of when the work was done are all tracked and saved on the backend of the portal. Employees can access these details for reference, and these records are used to determine payroll.

Continued efforts

Monstrous Media Group and Vincentini Plumbing have established a fantastic relationship through the multiple projects we have worked on together. We are looking forward to helping Vincentini Plumbing evolve their online presence in parallel with their continued offline growth.

Vincentini Plumbing Update

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