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Introducing DF Development: Digital Stewards of Sustainable Landscapes

DF Development is not your run-of-the-mill land development company. They are the architects of a better tomorrow, managing lands across the nation with an emphasis on sustainable practices. Their love for Idaho and its natural beauty is evident in their work. But how do you convey this passion and expertise digitally?

The Task: A Digital Frontier

DF Development wanted to reinvigorate their online presence to echo their commitment to sustainable land management and community outreach. They chose Monstrous Media Group for the task, challenging us to build a digital experience as vast and inviting as the Idaho wilderness they help protect.

Crafting the Digital Wilderness: A Team Effort

Monstrous Media Group is all about rising to challenges, especially ones that are in line with our ethos of innovative problem-solving. We took a deep dive into DF Development's core values and services to ensure the website would be both engaging and functional.

Features and Amenities: It’s All in the Details

  • Leasing Made Easy: An intuitive interface helps users navigate through available land options for lease, connecting people and properties effortlessly.
  • Explore Recreation: A dynamic section devoted to showcasing the variety of recreational activities possible on DF Development lands, from hiking to fishing.
  • Partners in Conservation: Spotlight features on their partnerships bring attention to collaborative sustainability efforts.

Future-Ready: On Solid Digital Ground

Built on a secure and robust platform, the website is positioned to evolve along with DF Development's continuous work in land conservation and management.

Continuous Stewardship: An Ongoing Commitment

Much like DF Development's dedication to sustainable land management, our partnership continues to thrive. We maintain their digital landscape just as carefully as they maintain their physical ones, adapting features and functionalities as they evolve.


To Wrap It Up

DF Development's new website is more than just a platform; it's an online representation of their commitment to a sustainable, community-oriented future. With Monstrous Media Group as their digital partner, they're set to welcome the next generation of conservationists and nature lovers.


Introducing DF Development: Digital Stewards of Sustainable Landscapes

CARBO: Engineering the Future, Digitally

CARBO is not your ordinary industrial company. With 43 years of experience, 97 patents and operations in 17 countries, it’s an innovation powerhouse. But how do you showcase this broad spectrum of achievements and capabilities? Monstrous Media Group had the answer.

The Challenge: Communicate Complexity Simply

CARBO is a complex organization that provides products and technologies across a range of industries. Translating this multifaceted nature into a digital platform without overwhelming the user was the challenge.

Collaboration: Meet the Brains Behind the Operation

CARBO’s team is an ensemble of PhDs, chemists and specialized engineers — people who don't just think out of the box but redefine it. Our role was to ensure that the brilliance of CARBO’s R&D team was evident online, a digital handshake if you will, introducing them to the world.

Features and Functionality: Not Just Numbers but Stories

Patents and Innovation: A dynamic section was created to keep track of CARBO's ever-growing list of patents, showcasing their relentless focus on innovation.

Global Reach: Interactive maps and case studies were utilized to represent their footprint in 17 countries.

By the Numbers: Real-time counters were integrated to keep a tally of their impressive metrics — like the staggering 22,964,894,212 pounds of product delivered.

Secure, Robust and Built on ExpressionEngine CMS

Considering the volume of valuable data and intellectual property, a secure platform was non-negotiable. Built on the robust ExpressionEngine CMS, we ensured that the platform was as secure as it was informative.

Ongoing Partnership: Adapting to Innovation

Just like CARBO, we believe in continuous improvement. We provide ongoing maintenance to adapt the website’s features and functionalities to align with CARBO's ever-evolving innovations.

To Sum It Up

The CARBO website is not just a static presentation but an evolving digital asset that mirrors its host's dynamism, innovation and global impact.



CARBO: Engineering the Future, Digitally

Equify Financial’s Website—Where Fintech Swagger Meets User-Centric Brilliance

Equify Financial's revamped website is the epitome of fintech swagger and user-centric design. In just 6 weeks, we doubled our audience and turbocharged our sales engine—all while delivering a seamless experience for asset-rich, time-poor business owners.

Meet Our Rockstar Audiences 🎸

Large-Ticket Peeps: You're the biz owners who don't have time for banking BS. You need fast money for big machines and even bigger ambitions.

Small-Ticket Players: Hey there, dealer vendors! You're the gearheads and equipment aficionados, and we totally get you.

The Epic Quest 🗺️

Here's the deal: You're strapped for cash but loaded with assets. Banks? Please, they're slower than dial-up. You needed a digital haven that gets you and delivers—fast.

Our Dream Team 🌟

Our internal design wizards, project management ninjas, and exec sidekicks put on their superhero capes to guide you to the financial Promised Land.

The Game Plan 🎮

  1. Pixel-Perfect Aesthetics: We're talking jaw-dropping visuals, people!
  2. Three-Click Magic: Get where you need to be in less time than it takes to tweet.
  3. One-Tap Wonders: A single tap to kickstart your loan application or chat with our regional maestros.

The Irresistible CTAs 🚀

We made it ridiculously easy to make moves. Click, tap, boom—you're talking to our regional pros and setting wheels in motion.

The Glory 🏆

Hold the applause, we're not done yet:

  • Audience Boom: Double the fun with a 100% YoY growth.
  • Deal-O-Rama: Our online applications aren't just a feature; they're a growth engine.

What's at Stake? ⏳

A stagnant website? That's like a flip phone in a 5G world. We needed to show you we're as invested in your success as you are.

The Makeover 💅

We didn't just slap on a new coat of paint; we rebuilt this baby for the modern, mobile, multitasking mogul. Whether you're on an iPhone 20 or your trusty desktop, it's a five-star experience.

We rebuilt this baby for the modern, mobile, multitasking mogul. Whether you're on an iPhone 20 or your trusty desktop, it's a five-star experience.

Equify Financial’s Website—Where Fintech Swagger Meets User-Centric Brilliance

Miracle Hill Golf + Tennis Center - e-Commerce Store

After a site design, a site re-design, and a mobile site design, Miracle Hill came back again with another challenge… an e-commerce store.

Over time, Miracle Hills has developed the need for the purchasing of the classes they offer, among other things.  By creating an online store for the, they are able to populate their store with whatever sessions, camps, and products that they'd like.

Thanks, Miracle Hill Golf & Tennis Center!

Miracle Hill Golf + Tennis Center - e-Commerce Store

NetWorth Realty

Who is NetWorth Realty? 

NetWorth Realty is a residential real estate investment company that purchases homes in any condition, as-is, for cash. Whether you suddenly need to relocate for work, are having financial issues, or simply want to sell without the hassle of listing your home, NetWorth Realty will purchase your home for cash! The closing process can be done in as fast as seven days. 

This provides their clients with the ability to have access to uncapped earning and a large selection of homes at their fingertips. While NetWorth Realty headquarters is located in Austin, Texas, the company has locations from Portland, Oregon, to Tampa, Florida, with numerous locations in-between. NetWorth Realty is a trusted business partner. 

NetWorth Realty also provides hard money loans through their sister company, 212 Loans. And for those who are searching for title help, they offer Infinite Title

NetWorth Realty provides opportunities to those looking to increase their earning potential all in one place. 

Monstrous Media Group is proud to work with NetWorth Realty headquarters, several NetWorth Realty locations, 212 Loans, and Infinite Title on their social media marketing efforts. 

What does MMG do? 

Monstrous Media Group has helped NetWorth Realty, several of its locations, 212 Loans, and Infinite Title unify their brand across social media platforms. Monstrous Media Group helps to maintain and manage Facebook and Instagram accounts, along with 212 Loan’s LinkedIn Page. 

The MMG team was able to get branding in order from logo usage, templates for clients to keep branding similar, to understanding the industry to keep the wording up-to-par with industry regulations. 

Not only this, but Monstrous Media Group has been able to help these companies grow on social media through our social media marketing strategy which provides strategic and analytical posts on each platform to bring in more followers and lead generation. 

Our team is happy to continue to grow with NetWorth Realty, its locations, 212 Loans, and Infinite Title to bring them uncapped social media potential. 

NetWorth Realty

InnovA Technologies

Who is InnovA Technologies?

InnovA Technologies streamlines the auction industry’s business models by consolidating their business sales and management into a single platform. InnovA helps their customers save time and money with their aggregated platform to keep buyers and sellers on an auction company’s website. 

From inventory management for live auctions, simulcast, and virtual auctions to a CRM in place to track all sales from these auctions, this SaaS platform takes an industry that is known to be a bit older right into the 21st century. 

What did the Monsters at Monstrous Media Group do? 

What did the Monsters do?

The graphic design team at Monstrous Media Group created a website with simple navigation and showcased all of InnovA’s services in a way that provided a great user experience (UX) design for all consumers. 

Once the design was approved, our Monsters coded this site onto ExpressionEngine 6! This site utilizes HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript/jQuery, and a smattering of PHP. 

Using EE6, the client has full control over their content on all of the pages on their site. Submission forms are a large focus on the site and drive user engagement and the CMS allows the client to create forms and place them on as many pages as they need to. 

Currently, users can use forms to schedule a demo and to contact support. The site also contains information about InnovA, its products, services, and is rounded out with a blog.

Continued efforts 

The Monsters at Monstrous Media Group are working with InnovA to increase their brand awareness on search engines and social media platforms. This includes technical on-page and off-page SEO strategies with social media marketing strategies that target their audience. 

This provides visibility in search engines like Google over time to increase their brand awareness and lead generation. 

We cannot wait to continue to grow with InnovA moving forward! 

InnovA Technologies

Equify Financial, LLC

Who is Equify Financial, LLC?

Equify Financial, LLC provides businesses with a long-term partnership in the equipment financing industry. With over a century of combined experience in equipment financing, Equify Financial is the perfect company for those looking to expand their business operations with the help of a trusted partner that combines local neighborhood services with a nationwide reach. 

Monstrous Media Group is proud to launch Equify Financial’s website, email marketing, and digital marketing strategies! 

What did our Monsters do?

Monstrous Media Group started working with Equify Financial to help with its website redesign and development. The transition from their old website to the new one brought the team into the 21st century. 

Our Monsters took the outdated website design and transformed it into a modern website with core elements that provide enough imagery and white space. The navigation is seamless while all content and pages are designed with the user’s experience in mind. 

Once the design was approved, our Monsters coded it and built the site on ExpressionEngine 6. The site was built with fluid content modules to allow dynamic, custom layouts for each page. 

Continued efforts 

Monstrous Media Group is proud to provide Equify Financial with the ability to offer Midwest service with a nationwide reach! Our Monsters work closely with the sales team at Equify Financial on their email marketing strategies. 

Each region has an email marketing strategy that provides its team with the opportunity to continue to connect with its customers and potential customers. While the team is working on these strategies, the Digital Marketing team is working on social media marketing and search engine optimization (SEO). 

Our Digital Marketing Strategists are growing Equify’s brand awareness on both search engines and social media platforms through weekly blogging content, on-page optimization, and strategic social posting. 

We are excited to help Equify Financial, LLC, continue to build its brand in the digital space. 

Equify Financial, LLC

Best Price Homebuyers

Who is Best Price Homebuyers?

Brice Price Homebuyers is a local company in the Omaha, Neb. metropolitan area that purchases single and multi-family residential homes in any condition, as is, for cash. Whether you need to move suddenly, relocate to a new city, sell the home you inherited, have gone through a divorce, or any other reason for needing to sell your home, Best Price Homebuyers will purchase your house. 

How does selling your home for cash work exactly? Selling your home for cash means that no matter the circumstances or condition of the property, the buyer will purchase it with cash. There is no need for realtor fees, spending the time to put it on the market, money to make expensive repairs, and the hassle of going through a real estate agent and company. 

Sell your home with fewer worries and work with a local company in the process. Monstrous Media Group is proud of the work that was and continues to be done for this client. 

What did the Monsters do?

To start, our monsters designed a brand new, custom logo for Best Price Homebuyers. After the logo was honed in and loved by the client, we moved on to the website design. The graphic design team at Monstrous Media Group created a website with simple navigation and ensured the site is easy to read. The minimalistic design allows users to find the information that is most important to them.

Once the design was approved, our Monsters coded it and built the site on ExpressionEngine 6 (one of our first EE6 sites!). The site was built with fluid content modules to allow dynamic, custom layouts for each page. The site has a blog, how it works guides with steps, a Free Appraisal form, a contact form, and easy-to-locate contact information.

Continued efforts 

Monstrous Media Group is happy to continue to work with Best Price Homebuyers on their digital marketing efforts. Our team is working on Best Price Homebuyers’ social media presence to grow brand awareness while working on technical on-page and off-page SEO strategies to grow their website in search engines. 

We are so happy to continue working with Best Price Homebuyers’ online presence! Check out our work here! 

Best Price Homebuyers

Midwest Sedation Consultants

Who is Midwest Sedation Consultants?

Midwest Sedation Consultants provides minimal sedation courses for dental professionals to ensure they are able to provide the best sedation for their patients based on each state’s requirements. Midwest Sedation Consultants currently provide certification and recertification courses in the following states: Nebraska, Oregon, West Virginia, Texas, Kansas, North Dakota, North Carolina and Tennessee. 

Each state, depending on their laws set in place, all have their own timeline of when recertification and courses need to be completed. This can be each year or every two years, but Midwest Sedation is here to help them with their certification! 

What did the Monsters do?

Midwest Sedation Consultants came to Monstrous Media Group to modernize their website to ensure they can provide the needed online courses and certification programs to dental professionals. The new, responsive website design provides a clean and professional feel and provides their users with an easy navigation to find their state and needed courses. 

One of the biggest elements that Midwest Sedation Consultants were searching for was the website to have an easy to use navigation for their users. The team wanted a modern design that followed their branding, but wanted to make sure that the website was straight to the point! 

On the website, users can easily find their state in the header which provides a drop-down with all courses and contact information. This provides easy access to enroll in any state’s certification or courses. When a user enrolls in their course, it takes them to the necessary 3rd party system that allows them to buy and start the course. 

Continued efforts 

Monstrous Media Group is happy to continue to work with the Midwest Sedation team on their digital marketing and email marketing efforts. Our team is working on growing Midwest Sedation Consultants’ social media presence while working on technical on-page and off-page SEO strategies to grow their website ranking in search engines! 

Each week, those who subscribe to their email blasts will receive emails on promotions, notices of recertification and course time along with other news that is relevant to their audience. We are happy to announce that we are utilizing our Monstrous.Email software to send out all their weekly email blasts! 

We are so excited to continue to grow Midwest Sedation Consultants’ online presence and their email marketing efforts. Check out their new website and contact us today for any of our services! 

Midwest Sedation Consultants

Thrift World Ebay Integration

Monstrous Media Group is happy to continue to work with Thrift World on their Ebay integration that works with Facebook, Instagram and seamlessly on their website! This on-going process has been extremely successful for Thrift World to continue to sell their products and services online during this pandemic. 

What did the Monsters do? 

When the COVID-19 Pandemic hit and businesses were temporarily closing their doors, Thrift World asked us to help them set up an online store and to integrate it with Ebay, Facebook and Instagram.

Thrift World’s inventory is unique from a lot of other online stores that we set up, in that almost all of their inventory is singular with little chance of getting more “in stock”. Our Monsters had to think outside of the box on this project, and this is always great to learn new things! 

Our Monsters generate reports based off of templates for each client with a store, but since Thrift World’s inventory was never “back in stock”, we create custom reporting to fit their needs. These reports included, but are not limited to, custom inventory alerts and store sorting, and a build out of category structure and integrated large-scale sales across many items very quickly.

We also set up custom shipping options and worked with them to create an order completion flow. This allows them to automate emails based on certain events to better and more easily communicate with their customers. Shipping options include everything from FedEx and USPS, to pick up options and free local delivery.

We then created a script to sync the inventory with Facebook and Instagram. This allows for users on those platforms to come across those items in the Shop on Thrift World’s profile pages and then be brought to the website for purchase.

Finally, we also created a syncing script with Ebay to put all of their products up for purchase on that platform. The script allows us to automatically sync available inventory, so if the item is purchased on Ebay, it will no longer show on the site, and vice versa. This is where another custom report was needed to provide error alerts to manage any syncing or missing information errors that might occur during the process.

This process and project is ongoing. Currently our website development team is working on additional changes and features to this project that will further improve both the customer experience and Thrift World’s ability to fulfill orders easily!

Thrift World Ebay Integration

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