Shifting Perspectives, LLC: A Digital Platform for Equity in Education

Shifting Perspectives, LLC: A Digital Platform for Equity in Education

In a world where education can either make or break futures, the need for equity has never been more urgent. Shifting Perspectives, LLC, founded in 2019, understands this urgency and has built its mission around it. Yet, the power of this mission needed a digital stage. Enter Monstrous Media Group.

The Need to Speak Up: Silence Breeds Inequity

The academic and opportunity gaps in education are not just numbers; they're roadblocks to individual futures. This message needed a platform, one that wasn't merely informational but transformational and would serve as a megaphone for Shifting Perspectives' vision of sowing S.E.E.D.S. (Standing for Equity in Education by Defying Silence).

Customizing a Platform for a Customized Service

Shifting Perspectives offers a broad range of services aimed at educators and leaders, from professional development to coaching and mentoring. Our task was to ensure that the diversity of these services was clear, accessible and easy to navigate.

  • Leadership Professional Development: A dedicated section was created to detail the tailored PD programs focusing on equity.
  • Coaching and Mentoring: A specific portal enables educators to understand how they can be supported in their journey toward equity.
  • Equity Walks: A robust yet user-friendly section explains what equity walks entail and how they can make a difference.
  • Workshop & Keynote Experiences: The website serves as a calendar and portfolio of Shifting Perspectives’ ongoing and upcoming lectures and workshops.

Safety, Security and Speed: Non-Negotiables

Given the sensitive nature of equity in education, the website needed to be robust and secure. We built the platform on ExpressionEngine CMS, well-known for its security features. It ensures that Shifting Perspectives can focus on its mission without worrying about digital safety.

Not Just a Website: A Movement

While the digital platform is a newer addition to Shifting Perspectives' portfolio, its purpose is beyond informational; it’s transformational. It aims to be the starting point for any educational leader who wants to make a real impact in the world of academic equity.

An Ongoing Commitment

Monstrous Media Group believes in the transformative power of education and is committed to providing ongoing support and updates to the Shifting Perspectives’ website as their inspiring work continues to evolve.

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