Transforming RTG Medical’s Career Portal: A Robust, Secure and User-Friendly Experience

Transforming RTG Medical’s Career Portal: A Robust, Secure and User-Friendly Experience

In the high-stakes field of health care staffing, there's no room for error. That's where RTG Medical found itself — a recognized leader with over 20 years in the health care staffing industry, facing a unique challenge. They had a vision for a career site that would promote their incredible range of services, but they lacked the in-house front-end development expertise to make it a reality. Enter Monstrous Media Group.

A High-Stakes Field with No Room for Error

When you're dealing with health care staffing, you're literally dealing with people's lives. RTG Medical needed a website that reflected its commitment to excellence. However, they were faced with a pressing challenge. They had the vision but not the in-house technical skill set to bring it to life in a timely fashion.

Where Design Meets Functionality

This is where Monstrous Media Group bridged the gap. Our team partnered with RTG's in-house IT staff and designers to create a website that wouldn't just serve as a digital pamphlet but would be a functional tool for both employers and prospective employees.

Our approach centered on two key features:

  • Web 3.0 Responsiveness: We implemented HTML5 with CSS3 to make sure the user experience was seamless across all devices. In a world where the next potential hire could be browsing on a phone, a tablet or a desktop, responsiveness was non-negotiable.
  • User-Centric UI: An intuitive layout and design meant that users could easily find the information they needed, making the often stressful job search just a little bit easier.

Security and Speed: A Balancing Act

Given the sensitive nature of the health care industry, the focus was not just on speed and efficiency but also on security. After evaluating multiple options, the decision was clear: ExpressionEngine CMS was the way to go. It's the most secure and robust CMS in the market, capable of delivering the performance we need without compromising on security.

The Proof is in the Performance

As the saying goes, "The proof is in the pudding.” Since the website went live, RTG Medical has successfully staffed its new location building. If that's not a vote of confidence, we don't know what is.

Our Work is Never Done

At Monstrous Media Group, we believe in building relationships, not just websites. As RTG Medical's needs evolve, so does our support. We continue to update and maintain the code base and feature sets, making sure they're always at the cutting edge of health care staffing solutions.

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