On My Feet Mobile App

On My Feet Mobile App

Monstrous Media Group (MMG) is happy to announce the Mobile Application for On My Feet! This involved the development of a social media mobile application compatible for Android and iPhone users!

Who Is On My Feet?

On My Feet (OMF) is a company passionate about footwear! The perfect day, the best night of your life, and the job interview you nailed all have one thing in common, the perfect shoes. OMF knows that footwear can connect people through a common interest.

What Did Monstrous Media Group Do?

On My Feet is an ambitious mobile application experience; it’s social media for your shoes! We created an Android and iOS app using ionic framework. This framework allows users to create accounts, setup image lockers, upload and share their images and videos of their shoe collection with others. The ability to share their photos and videos of their sneakers with others is a critical part of this mobile application. It allows for shoe-lovers to unite! This is all completed with tags and the ability to buy awesome shoes and apparel through the store interface.

The Monsters at MMG agree that the right shoes can lead you to success. We are excited to continue working with On My Feet through other projects, such as, Digital Marketing and Search Engine Optimization strategies.

If you’re a self proclaimed shoe fanatic download the application on your smartphone!

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