Cargill SWEETBRAN Customer Portal

Cargill SWEETBRAN Customer Portal

At Monstrous Media Group, we thrive on tackling complex challenges, and our recent project for Cargill's SWEETBRAN Customer Portal exemplifies this ethos. The feed industry, marked by intricate processes from production to delivery, required an innovative solution. Our mission? To develop an application capable of capturing images with mobile and tablet devices and subsequently calculating the volume of feed piles in those images.

The core concept was straightforward yet groundbreaking: photograph a feed delivery pile, calculate its volume, and relay this information through an online portal, maintaining a historical record for both the client and the network operations center. This project was not just a technical challenge; it was a journey into uncharted territory in applied mathematics and mobile technology.

Our team, driven by curiosity and expertise, swiftly devised the necessary formulas, propelling us into the development phase. While the intricate details of our methods remain proprietary, we can share that the project's success extended beyond mere volume calculation. We integrated advanced technologies such as delivery route tracking, enhancing the overall efficiency and user experience of the SWEETBRAN Customer Portal.

This project stands as a testament to our ability to turn the 'impossible' into the 'possible.' At Monstrous Media Group, we don't just accept challenges – we embrace them, pushing the boundaries of what's achievable in digital innovation. Our work with Cargill is a proud example of our commitment to pioneering solutions in the digital landscape.

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