CARBO: Engineering the Future, Digitally

CARBO: Engineering the Future, Digitally

CARBO is not your ordinary industrial company. With 43 years of experience, 97 patents and operations in 17 countries, it’s an innovation powerhouse. But how do you showcase this broad spectrum of achievements and capabilities? Monstrous Media Group had the answer.

The Challenge: Communicate Complexity Simply

CARBO is a complex organization that provides products and technologies across a range of industries. Translating this multifaceted nature into a digital platform without overwhelming the user was the challenge.

Collaboration: Meet the Brains Behind the Operation

CARBO’s team is an ensemble of PhDs, chemists and specialized engineers — people who don't just think out of the box but redefine it. Our role was to ensure that the brilliance of CARBO’s R&D team was evident online, a digital handshake if you will, introducing them to the world.

Features and Functionality: Not Just Numbers but Stories

Patents and Innovation: A dynamic section was created to keep track of CARBO's ever-growing list of patents, showcasing their relentless focus on innovation.

Global Reach: Interactive maps and case studies were utilized to represent their footprint in 17 countries.

By the Numbers: Real-time counters were integrated to keep a tally of their impressive metrics — like the staggering 22,964,894,212 pounds of product delivered.

Secure, Robust and Built on ExpressionEngine CMS

Considering the volume of valuable data and intellectual property, a secure platform was non-negotiable. Built on the robust ExpressionEngine CMS, we ensured that the platform was as secure as it was informative.

Ongoing Partnership: Adapting to Innovation

Just like CARBO, we believe in continuous improvement. We provide ongoing maintenance to adapt the website’s features and functionalities to align with CARBO's ever-evolving innovations.

To Sum It Up

The CARBO website is not just a static presentation but an evolving digital asset that mirrors its host's dynamism, innovation and global impact.



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