The most overlooked digital marketing service

The most overlooked digital marketing service

Digital marketing services provide an online outlet for businesses to have their products and services promoted. Accompanying a website, digital marketing includes advertising, email marketing, online documents, SEO, social media and so much more.

The great part about using modern avenues for promotion online is that it’s extremely affordable in comparison to traditional marketing. One of the best, most affordable and overlooked digital marketing services is email marketing.

What is email marketing?

Email marketing is a direct way to reach a targeted audience. Emails sent with a purpose is one of the easiest and best ways to communicate with the people who have already taken a direct interest in your business.

Email marketing is great for company updates, advertising new products and services, and pushing your audience to visit your website and social channels.

It can be hard to determine the best digital marketing services for small businesses. If would could recommend three, we’d choose SEO, social media management and email marketing.

Email’s not dead.

That’s right! Email is not dead! Email marketing is one of the most complimentary digital marketing services there is.

There are over 3.7 billion email users in the world.
Fifty-nine percent of email marketers see their biggest ROI through email campaigns.
Ninety-five percent of people consider branded email newsletters to be useful.
Eighty-nine percent of marketers have email as their primary form of lead generation.

Email is widely used from generation to generation, by every industry in the workforce and with personal consumers on a daily basis. When a business has an email list they’ve acquired over time, the capabilities of advertising to the right audience is nearly endless.

Not only can email campaigns be sent to an entire list of subscribers, they can be sent to people who have recently made purchases, who haven’t made purchases in a while or even birthday promotions. A well-detailed list makes for a great way to reach your audience in the most niche way.

How to build an email list.

If email marketing sounds like a good plan for your business, there are a few easy ways to build it up.

1. Create unique content your audience would enjoy having. The content strategy of a business needs to be top-notch and enticing to keep an audience interested. Explore videos, photography, long-form blogs and customer testimonials.

2. Add subscriber opt-in links to your email signature. A simple way for the people you already communicate to sign up for your email campaigns.

3. When your email campaigns are produced, encourage your subscribers to share with colleagues and friends. A creative call-to-action can keep your audience engaged and inspired to share with others they know.

4. Promote your email content on social media to encourage subscribers. This could be as simple as promoting your newsletter or direct content, or even promoting an online contest or giveaway for contact information.

Growing an email list can be one of the most beneficial digital marketing services your business can contract out this year. If you’re looking to contact your audience in the most direct and targeted form, we’d highly recommend email marketing.

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