Preparing for the Google Page Experience update

Preparing for the Google Page Experience update

In our industry, we are no strangers to Google Core, Broad and other SERP changes and algorithm changes. About once a month, there is a small to massive update that takes place, and that's the way the cookie crumbles. 

With this in mind, Google released that one of its largest updates for the new year will begin in May 2021. This does not mean the website won’t start to feel its effects in April, but our suggestion is to not wait until May. This Google algorithm update 2021 will affect websites in over seven ways, and this is how to get prepared for it. 

Page experience update 

The biggest notion to understand with the Google Page Experience update is that all of the elements within this update have been in place for years now. One of the biggest Google updates that would lead the way for all of these other Core and Broad Core Updates over the last 10 years is all thanks to a couple of updates in 2012

Yup, for years, things like user experience and a responsive, mobile friendly website design have been core elements of ranking, the only thing that changed, a company’s website won’t be able to rank without all of the factors of the update. 

The best part about the launches and releases of these updates is that Google has been proactive and nice to warn SEOs and companies about the latest updates that are coming to ensure that everyone has enough time to adjust. Now, some updates are announced once they start to roll out, but others such as this Google algorithm update 2021, are ones that we are gracious for knowing months in advance. 

With this update going to hit in May 2021, this only gives companies about four months to prepare for their website redesign and development project or an update. (Keep in mind it takes about six weeks minimum to get a website up and running most of the time.) 

These are the next steps that all SEOs need to take for the page experience update and changes. 

The next SEO steps to take

1. AMP

This stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). This is part of the entire experience of mobile friendly search and website instantaneously loading for these mobile searchers and their queries. 

With mobile devices now being the primary devices that consumers are using to find answers to their search queries, AMP is now a great thing for websites to have. A slow loading website is frustrating, time consuming and isn’t a great first impression. 

If your website is slow, AMP helps with the code, and this helps to speed the website up. It reduces the size of files and helps with cache settings! It really is something great that can be a valuable tool for websites. 

 Here is the shocking, not shocking fact that AMP was launched in partnership with Google and other companies in 2015. 

As we stated previously, a company, SEOs, and marketers will find themselves realizing that these updates are really nothing new, just being enforced. As these changes happen, this is how to handle drops. 

2. How to handle drops 

In our industry, one of the biggest indicators that there is an update on the verge, whether it be large or small, deals with Google Volatility. This is the change happening on SERP based on that specific industry. Here are the last 30 days of the Beauty industry. 

Source: SEMrush

The thing is, an update can affect one industry over another, it can affect different keywords and their ranking over another, and even backlinks come into the equation. 

This is because even for the same industry, two websites with the same SEO packages will still need different strategies. The ranking could be dropping due to the result of an update, a change in the SERP and keywords themselves, or even due to legacy backlinks finally fading out over time. 

However, it is important to not panic. You do not have to start back at square one, and we wouldn’t recommend this. If you notice a consistent drop in ranking and aren’t sure why this is happening, it is important to run an audit on content and the website itself. 

A new website with a number of errors could be dropping in ranking due to the errors; on the other hand, this could be because Google has released an update. It is important to worry once it has been weeks or even months of drops. 

3. Visual indicator 

Google is not going to favor websites with these updates, but instead, have visual indicators that the website is up-to-par with their requirements. This means content that is relevant and related to the search will appear in highlighted and featured snippets and other ways within Google’s SERP. 

4. What core items are you missing?

For those agencies, C-Suites, marketers and others who are reading this blog, it is important to ask yourself what you should be working on next? While you might not need a brand new website, do you need an update? What about finally implementing SEO strategies? Now is the time to update your website and marketing strategies! 

As a business owner, management team or C-Suite, do not assume that you have plenty of time. May is only five months away. Make sure to get the design and development change and SEO budget in the strategy sooner than later!

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