Internship Corner: Meet Noah

Internship Corner: Meet Noah


In order to help educate our newest intern, Noah, on our process, we devised a simple, fun project that we could complete in a short amount of time. We chose a Connect Four-style web game as this project and we completed it using much of the same process we utilize for our MMG clients:

  • We gathered requirements (with our Web Development team).
  • We created a design (with our Graphic Design team).
  • We developed the game (again, with our Web Development team) and did a round of revisions.
  • We published the game to the web (still in Web Development).
  • And we created this blog (with a little help from our Digital Marketing and Content team!).
  • The entire project spanned about 4 hours.
  • The game itself is simple (that's the point), but it's also responsive and fun to play! Play it here!


Noah, can you tell us a little bit about your internship experience here at MMG?

My experience here was amazing. I have learned so much from the graphics department, coding department, and the marketing department and everything that they do to make the websites. It was a very interesting and overwhelming experience learning everything that they do.

What was your favorite part of the project?

My favorite part of the project was the coding behind the game. It was very interesting and entertaining to see Jacob work on the coding to make the game work as it should be. Also trying to figure out why the code wouldn’t work like it should be and finding a solution to make it work.

Was your experience what you were expecting from your first internship?

The experience was a lot more than what I would expect. Everything that they do to make the websites from the graphics, coding, and marketing is a lot more than what I would expect. And the different software that they use is something that I have never heard of which was interesting to me because I got to learn all about it and what every single one is used for.

And, we won’t hold any grudges, but which department was the most fun to work with?

All of the departments were special in their own way and all of them were really fun to work with, so it is hard just to choose one department when really all of them were fun.


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