What’s happening in the social media landscape?

What’s happening in the social media landscape?

One of the digital marketing channels that is constantly changing is social media. New social media platforms, trends and consumer habits occur. Keeping track of the latest social media trends is important because it will keep you ahead of competitors. Since we are halfway through 2024, our social media management team has rounded up some of the recent social media trends that companies need to know about. 

Instagram amplifying small creators

It looks like Instagram is taking notes from TikTok and working toward amplifying small creators. The head of Instagram - Adam Mosseri announced on Instagram Reels that they will amplify small creators' content to reach more people. They will be changing how they rank recommendations. For small businesses, this will be a great opportunity to have their content reach even more people without having to spend tons of money on advertising. 

Increasing Instagram reach by shortening watch time and creating shareable content

Aside from releasing new features, Instagram has also recently spilled the tea about how companies can increase their post reach. In a live, Adam Mosseri shared that if you want to increase reach then you should be focused on creating shareable content. The more your post gets shared, the more Instagram will push it. When it comes to video content, the shorter the better. Instagram recommends not going over 90 seconds when it comes to Reels. 

Universal Music Group has reached an agreement with TikTok

A while ago Universal Music Group pulled all of their music catolog from TikTok, which included names like Taylor Swift and Lana Del Rey. However, UMG and TikTok came to an agreement that would help Universal Music Group’s artists and songwriters flourish their creative work while also promoting them. It also touched on how TikTok would be protected but also protect them from AI concerns. 

LinkedIn is testing a short-form video feed

LinkedIn has confirmed that it is testing a short-form video feed similar to TikTok. In a post, there was a video that showed a demo resembling a TikTok or Instagram feed. It is not clear when LinkedIn will roll out this feature to a wider audience. Although it may seem like all social media platforms are trying to copy TikTok, it is beneficial for LinkedIn. Our social media management team believes that this feature is a great fit for LinkedIn because the platform already has a lot of influencers and coaches who are constantly sharing their content on the platform. 

X is providing more in-depth analytics

X (formerly known as Twitter) has announced that it is adding more analytics elements to help provide more insight into your content’s performance. The catch is it will only be available through X Premium exclusive features. It will allow users to sort their audience data by specific date ranges and metrics. 

Implement these social media trends with our social media management services! 

The landscape of social media is ever-evolving, with platforms like Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn and X continually introducing new features and trends. As we navigate through 2024, it's crucial for businesses to stay informed about these developments to maintain a competitive edge. As your trusted digital marketing partner, let us help you implement these social media trends with our social media management services. Get started today!

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