Seven email marketing strategies to boost customer engagement and conversions

Seven email marketing strategies to boost customer engagement and conversions

No matter what new changes arrive in the digital landscape, email marketing continues to be a strong form of marketing for businesses. Email generates $42 for every $1 spent. However, if you have noticed that your customers are not engaging with your emails, then it’s time to rethink your strategy and get the help of an email marketing Omaha agency

Seven email marketing strategies to boost customer engagement and conversions

Choose the best time to send out emails

Some days are better than others for sending out emails. Just like you should when posting to social media, you need to be planning when to send out your emails. You should do research and find out when the best times to send an email are and then see if it correlates with analytics. 

Make your emails more personal

If you were to receive a generic email or one with your name, which one are you most likely to open? Probably the one addressed to you. If you want to increase customer engagement and conversions, then make sure your emails are personalized. The term personalization in email marketing means targeting an email campaign to a specific subscriber based on the information they provided for you.

Try email segmentation

Your customers are all in different stages of the customer journey. So you do not want to send them emails that do not correspond with their journey. You can improve your customer engagement and conversions through email segmentation. This practice means you are dividing your customers into smaller groups based on certain criteria. 

Writing eye-catching subject lines

The first thing that your email list will see when they receive your email is your subject line. It will determine if they open and engage with your email. A good way to increase your email engagement is by writing catchy subject lines. To make a subject line more catchy, you need to make sure it processes urgency, sparks curiosity and provides an offer that is personal and relevant. 

Do A/B testing

If you are unsure if your email campaigns are effective, try A/B testing. This marketing practice can help you see which emails bring you the most success. What you do is send out two different versions of the email to two different sample groups. Then you measure to see which campaign gives you the best results. You can then improve your emails to ensure that you get the best results. 

Providing valuable content

Just like you’d be excited about receiving a package in the mail, the same should go for your customers. They should be waiting to receive your emails. In order to get this reaction, you need to be providing them with valuable content. This content should be focused on the customer needs, educate them in some way and get them involved. 

Take advantage of automation

The key to a successful email campaign is streamlining your email marketing campaigns. You can streamline your campaign by leveraging automation by doing it yourself or hiring an email marketing Omaha agency. This software will trigger emails based on specific actions and/or behaviors. You can send out automated emails that remind people of items left in their shopping carts or send a series of emails to new boarding customers. 

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