May SEO Notes- The latest in the industry

May SEO Notes- The latest in the industry

The month of May showed to be a quieter time for changes in SERP, but as we approach June, this could all change. The anticipation of the biggest update of this year is finally over, and with security and privacy at the forefront of searcher’s minds, not only does this change organic search but paid search and analytics across the board. 

Here are some of the most significant SEO updates and changes coming to a search engine near you and what it means for marketing strategies as we quickly approach 2022. 

Google Ads announces changes in remarketing 2022

With consumers prioritizing their privacy with social media and search engines, Google and other technology conglomerates have to start making changes. Google released that next year they are increasing their privacy regarding something called “cookies”. 

Cookies are a small snippet of data added to searchers’ browsers to retarget advertisements as they search the internet. This is part of a marketing strategy known as remarketing. 

This is due to browser history, and moving forward with Google Advertising, metrics and analytics will provide aggregated analytics of consumers. This will not be broken down into the nitty-gritty. 

While Google is approaching it at a less extreme security level, other social media platforms are getting hit with privacy issues. 

Google Analytics without cookies 

One of the other biggest pieces of software that our clients and company use is Google Analytics. With cookies disappearing, this not only affects advertising but analytics and metrics as a whole.

This AI will fill in gaps where cookies typically show up in the analytics, and with consent mode, a large part of the changes will help to recover 70 percent of campaigns. 

Core update or Google Page Experience update

Last year, Google announced that this month would start the beginning of the Google Page Experience, which features Core Web Vitals and other elements the search engine is searching for from websites. 

But as of May 22nd, Barry Schwarz states that rankings were drastically changing, and SERP was volatile with changes showing to be as big as Penguin and Panda updates, the most extensive updates on Google, probably ever. 

This could indicate a core update was in progress, and the Google Page Experience update has appeared simultaneously. There is no certainty of these changes, but these specific changes could be due to the information above. 

Rise of “Zero position” 

Zero position is where a search query can be answered without ever clicking on the links that populate. If these videos are high enough in the SERP, consumers can simply scan the video and never click on it. 

Here is an excellent example of this positioning, and while it sounds like you aren’t ranking, in all reality, you just grabbed the prime spot in real estate. 

Our experts have noticed plenty of changes and SEO updates in the industry, and with this digital landscape, it is constantly evolving and becoming more complicated for marketing professionals. However, there is always room for improvement and adapting to the changes is all anyone can do. 

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