Google Ads new 3-Strike Policy: The entire scoop on ads moving forward

Google Ads new 3-Strike Policy: The entire scoop on ads moving forward

Google is piloting a new advertising system to ensure the safety of its searchers. Google states that this is all part of “creating a trustworthy ad experience for users, advertisers, and publishers. Our Google Ads policies exist to prevent unsafe or harmful ads from showing on our platforms.” 

However, with these new changes, there is now a 3-strike and you are out policy that is changing advertisements. We suggest avoiding this type of swinging on your Google Ads account. 

This change was first released in July and will take full effect come September 2021. Here’s what all marketers and companies need to know about these changes. 

What does the policy include?

What falls under this category of advertisements that will be banned or strike out? It will be advertisements that go against their enabling dishonest behavior, unapproved substances, guns, gun parts, explosives, tobacco, weapons, and other products. 

What is considered Enabling dishonest behavior?

 The first part of enabling dishonest behavior is an advertisement that promotes creating and distributing false documentation such as passports and other government-issued identification. 

The second part of this includes spyware that is meant to hack users’ computers to track information or other activities. 

The enabling dishonest behavior policy also includes products or services that enable unauthorized access - such as one that would allow wiretapping or jam traffic lights. 

What are considered Unapproved substances? 

This category includes the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries that are able to advertise through an approved certification from Google. These companies are only allowed to advertise in specific countries and only use select keywords if targeting within the countries that are approved. 

A healthcare or pharmaceutical company can promote prescription drugs, over-the-counter medicines, distribution, and supply of these products, but cannot promote opioid prescriptions or offering medication that is not deemed a prescription drug. 

This includes some holistic healing practices, weight loss supplements, and antibiotics. For the full list of medications and active ingredients that cannot be promoted, visit this link. 

Dangerous products or services 

The last part of the Google Ads policy, includes guns, weapons, tobacco, and other substances that are harmful to others. However, when it comes to guns, safety parts such as gun locks, triggers, and other items are approved to be advertised on Google! 

With these new changes, there could be some advertising accounts that are in the eCommerce industry, jewelry industry, private investment industry, or any other industry not even remotely related that could find themselves dealing with the Google Ads policy disapproval. 

The #PPCChat on Twitter is a great resource for marketers and companies alike to keep up-to-date on the latest trends, and in this thread, it was mentioned that marketers in several different industries were finding themselves with disapproved ads for nothing related to the policies above. 

It happens. The same thing can be said for Facebook Advertising as well. What happens if your advertisement wrongfully gets disapproved? 

Appealing disapprovals

Google has stated that companies are able to appeal the disapproval of the advertisement without receiving a strike and hold on the account; however, if the advertisement does receive a strike, the account will be temporarily blocked and cannot run ads until Google approves the appeal. 

The difference between the first appeal and the second appeal is that the second appeal requires the advertiser to edit the advertisement, and once Google has been notified of the changes, their staff will review the advertisement to see if the edits are now acceptable. 

While marketers and companies alike can appreciate that Google is promoting a safe space for searchers, it can be difficult for their AI to approve ads and not have any mistakes. Be on the lookout for an email regarding the Google Ads policy and your Google Ads account. 

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