Best free stock photo sites in 2021

Best free stock photo sites in 2021

A great photo can generate about 14 percent more views when published with social media marketing content, and this helps to grab the attention of your audience. It can be difficult to find the right images online, and oftentimes, companies will find an image and use it in their marketing or even print purposes. 

This runs into a larger problem than most realize, a number of images and even memes, are trademarked or copyrighted or have to be purchased to be utilized in said strategies. 

A copyrighted image can include photographs, drawings, sketches, diagrams and maps. On the other hand, a trademark includes anything that is within the realm of the company such as slogans, logos, domain names and so many other notions. 

Most of the time, a company will simply reach out and ask for that image to be removed, but the company does hold the right to pursue legal action if the image has not been properly sourced or utilized without the permission of the company. 

With this in mind, it is important to find the best stock images to use for social media marketing and print media if need be, but it is a bit nerve-racking! Did you pick the right website? Do I have to provide credit? This is why it is important to find the best free image websites so there is no worry about proper usage. 

Take your own! 

While this isn’t one of the best free image websites out there on Google, our experts always recommend companies take their own stock images. This can be images of staff, products, the office and anything else that would pertain to the company. This is because the wrong image can cause a disconnect between the image and content which can create confusion for consumers. 


At Monstrous Media Group, our experts always recommend Canva to all clients who are searching to create additional marketing materials. Canva provides a free and premium account, brand kits, content planners, and the latest social media marketing tools such as TikTok templates for the best videos! 

Canva provides companies with the ability to allow their team members to create and download their own images with simplicity. 


Unsplash provides companies with millions of free images from all over the internet which can be downloaded for free or even commercial purposes. With these stock images, there isn’t a need to cite or source the images themselves, and they provide everything from wallpapers, business work and even dogs! 


Pixabay provides over 1.9 million stock images and even videos for those video advertisements that companies are experimenting with on their social media channels. The benefit of Pixabay over others on the internet is that Pixabay allows for a company to download the images in four separate files at one time. On the other websites besides Canva, each image has to be downloaded separately and can take some time to download. 


The final best free image websites is Pexels which is always free to download images with, but does have the option to pay for the download to pay the photographer or artist for their work! This is a common website that is used in the video marketing and blogging industry because of the number of visual assets that can be downloaded and attribution is not required, but is greatly appreciated. 


In the marketing world, memes are a great way to connect with consumers through the latest trends that will go away in days, but it can be fun and break up the content. A number of memes are not available for free, and for those that are, the memes come with text on them already. 

ImgFlip allows for customized resizable text to any meme that is generated and works with HTML5 and Canva! 

Save yourself the headache of legal issues or having to delete an ad or organic post that consumers loved! 

At Monstrous Media Group, these are the best free image websites because these are the most common ones that our graphic designers utilize on a weekly basis! Our experts can provide you with print and digital marketing solutions which creates less worry and hassle about copy-rights and trademarks! 

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