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Recruitment Marketing Made Easy

Recruitment marketing isn't easy. Creating strategies and tactics that an organization uses to find, attract, engage, and nurture talent before they apply for a job can be challenging. We make it easy.

Data does not talk unless someone is listening, and we always have our ears on the ground. If you need help with the analytics and numbers, begin with our experts.

Recruitment Marketing

Your ideal candidates might be hard to find, but we know where to look. We perform a comprehensive media audit to establish benchmarks and then layer in a complete technology assessment to determine where you stand. This builds a foundation on which to grow your recruitment marketing strategy.

Branding & Creative

From EVPs and ERPs to brand execution, we run the whole gamut. By immersing ourselves in your culture and creating and following brand guidelines, we’ll help you establish, manage and maintain your employer brand.

Candidate Attraction

Regarding talent attraction programs, we know one size does not fit all. We pride ourselves on customizing and executing the perfect individualized recruitment marketing strategy for our clients, consistently bringing them “what’s next” in traditional, digital, and social media.

Candidate Engagement

Attracting quality talent is only one element in the recruitment marketing equation. Start and nurture conversations using mobile, digital, and social media tools. We help you work with what you already have! Your existing team can foster relationships and conversations
via internal and external employee advocacy programs – let us show you how.

Pay-Per-Performance Solutions

Get the most return from your job advertising spend. Programmatic media buying is the solution to evenly distributing your media spend across all requisitions and getting applications for all your hiring needs. We call it “PPC magic,” but it is the work of intelligent people with the right tools. With our PPC Portfolio Manager, we can lower your media costs and increase your number of successful hires.

Social Media

We can tailor a social recruiting strategy to meet your hiring needs. Our world is increasingly more social. So, if you want in, tap on us. Your next hires are on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. They are not just applying to jobs – they are doing their due
diligence and researching prospective employers. Are you happy with what they’re seeing about your company?

Tracking & Analytics

All this “data and analytics” jargon is more than just talk. The Monstrous marketing team is GreenBelt Certified, meaning every recruitment specialist on staff is Google Analytics empowered and an Excel wizard. Yes, we are number nerds. However, we pride ourselves on providing some of the most sophisticated and extensive metrics tracking and web analytics in the industry.

Hire the Omaha team to help you with your holiday marketing campaigns

We have a team of digital marketers who can help plan and bring to life all your digital marketing strategies. They can help with social media marketing, email marketing, and digital advertising!


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