Seed Flip Kickstarter Commerical

Seed Flip Kickstarter Commerical

What can we say? We LOVE producing marketing materials that help people! Why? Because helping people was why we got into this business in the first place. We love to serve, so when a project who's goal is to serve others comes our way we get really excited.

The Seed Flip is one of those projects where we can't really believe the technology hasn't existed until now.  The Seed Flip project was very simple; to create low budget but higher quality commercial for a Kickstarter funding campaign. We gladly accepted the challenge and our project management team was off to the races gathering video requirements and our production team started the creative juices to quickly identify a storyboard and script to follow and the rest is history.

The project consisted of a short storyboard phase, a script phase, and then being very blessed to have a perfect day to shoot. With in a few hours of shooting and post production the concept was complete and within the anticipated delivery date.

The result? Well, take a look and decide for yourselves.

We wanted to be the first to congratulate Seed Flip on the successful launch of their Kickstarter Campaign and encourage everyone to head over to the campaign page to help support and fund their manufacturing costs.

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