14 Karat Omaha

What is 14 Karat?

14 Karat is a high-quality jewelry store located in Omaha, Nebraska. Founded in 1979 as wholesale agent for gold, 14 Karat has since grown into a multi-faceted company. Their showroom, located in The Shops of Legacy, now offers precious stones, pearls and diamonds in addition to gold. 14 Karat keeps their prices competitive with a small team of professional staff and a smaller storefront. Their commitment to low overhead allows them to keep prices down and maintain the private, intimate selling experience that they are known for. 14 Karat has won numerous ‘Best of Omaha’ awards since their storefront opened, which they attribute to their first class customer service and high-quality products.

What did the Monsters do?

14 Karat came to Monstrous Media Group with a pre-existing site in need of a little polish and shine. Along with a new look, 14 Karat needed the ability to showcase their products online via a web store to put a spotlight on the dazzling array of jewelry offered at the store

Monstrous Media Group created a custom design with cool, elegant colors and plenty of space for high resolution photography. The site is built on ExpressionEngine, a content management system that is simple to use and allows for changes and additional pages to be created on-the-fly. 

In addition to creating an online storefront that utilizes Exp-resso Store for the website, MMG also incorporated several API-based storefronts from 14 Karat’s various product vendors into the main site while maintaining a cohesive look throughout the various elements.

The search function for the store is more advanced than a typical website search. Users are able to filter by a variety of parameters including category, diamond quality, style, color, price, shape and designer. The search itself can sort through the filters and search terms, allowing results to be shown without having to force a page reload. Overall, these combined features give users the ability to find the product they are searching for very quickly and accurately.

Continued efforts

The MMG Monsters are lucky to continue our daily work with 14 Karat with a custom digital marketing strategy! Our digital marketing strategy utilizes Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to share 14 Karat’s story to its potential clients.

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