Monstrous Media Group LLC is a proud technology sponsor of, formerly Network With Christians. is a professional networking organization designed to bring together Christian professionals and help bridge the gap between faith and business. 

We love every client project that comes our way, but every once in a while there is one that comes into our lives that becomes very close to our own hearts. Network With Christians is one of those projects.'s goal was simple: to create an online social network where Christians could create personal and business accounts and could learn and grow in their Faith while conducting business with one another.

We loved's idea so much that when the idea was brought to us, we hit the ground running doing research on other social networks that were out there to round up all of the best features so we could really hit the center of the target the first time for our client. 

After a few weeks of research, we compiled the best list of features into an easy-to-manage content system and an attack plan. 

The result? A fully-capable online social network modeled off of the best features of Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, and a few other social networks.

Joining is 100% free so go check it out today and start networking yourself personally and professionally.

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